Brain Surface
The plane represents the
location of the current section.

Clinical (T1-weighted) MRI

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postmortem (T2-weighted) MRI

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postmortem high res (T1) MRI

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Free Surfer Labels

Click image to view a 3-D pdf of the
Free Surfer labels for this brain.
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A companion e-book for neuroscientists, radiologists, teachers, students and brain lovers.

MRI and Histology of The Human Brain - Plate no. 1.

These digital plates are meant to provide a quick guide through the brain. We did not over-concern ourselves with fancy graphics and cool user interfaces; rather we planned for the images to speak for themselves. In this respect, the atlas is far from being ‘concise’. The histological images represent hundreds of Gigabytes of data and, as far as we know, this is the first atlas to provide the direct correlation between different neuroimaging modalities, including microscopy. All data was, in fact, obtained from the same donor and, thanks to 3-D image registration, the correspondence between the images is perfect. Please, enjoy responsibly!
(These pages are best viewed with the latest versions of Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome.)





Section stained for cells containing Nissl substance



Section stained for nerve fibers using silver impregnation


Histological high-resolution images were created using custom-engineered, large-format microscope scanners. Stained sections can be viewed at different levels of resolution (the highest resolution shown is 0.4 microns/pixel). You can scroll the wheel of the mouse or click in the image to zoom into higher levels of magnification.

Contributors to this page (alphabetically): Jacopo Annese (project director; page concept), Hauke Bartsch (visualization programming), Christine Ha (anatomy), Paul Maechler (histology; image registration), Natalie Schenker (web implementation; histology), Colleen Sheh (histology; design).


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