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On December 2nd, 2009 we began slicing the brain of the amnesic patient H.M. into giant histological sections.

The brain specimen was frozen and sectioned whole during one continuous session that lasted approximately 53 hours. The procedure was (re)designed for the safe collection of all tissue slices brain and for the acquisition of blockface images throughout the entire block.

The procedure will mark the completion of Phase 1 which will include ex vivo MR-imaging, blockface imaging, tissue slicing and cryogenic storage of all histological sections.

Wow. That is thin. But how

Wow. That is thin. But how did you get his consent to be an organ donor if he could not remember whether or not he agreed before?

Wonderful work!

I think an amnesia patient, while they don't remember their background, can still decide if they want to be an organ donor or not. This capacity and judgment are still sound. This is an amazing (and time consuming) procedure! We are merely scratching the surface on neuroscience and this will no doubt help in our endeavors to learn more about the human brain. Having this study as part of your credentials is quite a plus. Thank you!

Organ and tissue donors

I'm sure that the donor had someone designated as having Durable Power of Attorney for Health Care who would be legally able to give consent in his behalf. Designee does not have to be a relative. Incidentally, this is something that all of us should have done, along with a paper of advanced directions(e.g. Code Blue, respirator, feeding tube, etc.) with copies to your doctor and hospital, either notarized, or signed by 2 witnesses who are not involved in medical care.

I am impressed by the quality

I am impressed by the quality of information on this website. There are a lot of good resources here. I am sure I will visit this place again soon. 

Use Of this Video

I am a student currently studying at Northbrook College and would like to use this video for educational purposes. It is a devised Theatrical Piece where one actor plays parts from this article as your video is on a jwplayer and is unavailable to download it would be greatly appreciated to have a digital copy of your video with permission to use it in our Drama Show on the 4th/5th of April 2011. Regards Zach T Hart (Sound Designer) Josh Atwood (Production Manager)

Memory or not

Who Really Cares? As long as it is for an important cause and Mr. H.M. won't be needing it anymore... who the hell really cares! Great project!

Aprreciate the work

I have never seen such kind of experiment been practiced before.This is something unique and we will come to know many more things about the human brain when the project gets completed.Dr. Robert Goulet would love to know the outcome of this project.Hopefully,in a year or so we will find many amazing facts about the human brain which was hidden since long.

Nice work! WOW.. where can I sign-up?

Wow this is a great experiment? I would love to donor for this kind of research? Nut Im not sure on how to do that? With normal donor programs, your organs end-up in some-one else. So can I sign-in somewhere, for experiments like this?? Hope you can help me.

Your inquiry

Thank you very much for your interest in participating in our research! If you wish your brain to become part of the Human Brain Library project please send an email to the following address

It is said that H.M was able

It is said that H.M was able to communicate and give reasonable answers, although things were not stored in his long term memory once he agreed on donating his organs maybe he did forget but the ones interested didn’t.

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